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 Interim Executive Board (IEB)

Welcome to the Governance Section of Marlborough Junior School.

Marlborough Junior School has an Interim Executive Board (IEB) rather than a traditional Governing Body. IEB Members largely operate in the same way as traditional Governors in that we are all voluntary and responsible for the strategic direction of the school; holding school leaders to account and ensuring that financial resources are allocated appropriately; but we have been specifically appointed to support the Local Authority on securing rapid school improvement.  IEB’s are meant as an interim measure until such time that it is appropriate for a Governing Body to be elected.

Our IEB will be working closely with Birmingham City Council and Leigh Primary School, a National Support School, who are providing school to school support to secure rapid improvement. We are hopeful that the changes that we are implementing will continue and that a positive impact can be seen. 


Interim Executive Board (IEB) meetings take place on the first Wednesday of every month.

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