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Come and meet the staff at our school!




Mrs J Greenwood - Interim Head Teacher

Mrs R Yasmeen     - Interim Head Teacher


Miss V Wardle - Deputy Head Teacher, Lead DSL & SPOC

Mr A Beech    -  Assistant Head Teacher, Year 3 Lead & DSL

Ms S Rahman  - Assistant Head Teacher, Year 4 Lead

Mrs M Rouf    - Assistant Head Teacher, Year 5 Lead & DSL

Miss S Azam  - Assistant Head Teacher, Year 6 Lead

Mrs M Nandhra - Assistant Head Teacher, Inclusion Manager & DSL


Year 3


Mr A Beech       - Assistant Head Teacher 3B

Mrs S Akhtar    - Teacher 3W

Mrs S Ahmad    - Teacher 3A

Mrs G Dyer       - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Din         - Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Rani        - Teaching Assistant

Miss N Ashfaq  - Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Hussain  - Teaching Assistant


Year 4


Ms S Rahman  - Assistant Head Teacher 4R

Mrs K Kaur     - Teacher 4K

Mr R Giblin     - Teacher 4G

Mrs S Kaur     - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Begum  - Teaching Assistant

Mr J Quinn    - Teaching Assistant


Year 5


Mrs M Rouf       - Assistant Head Teacher 5R

Mrs A Shabbir  - Teacher 5S

Mrs H Ahmed   - Teacher 5D

Mrs N Rafique  - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Fields    - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Iqbal    - Teaching Assistant


Year 6


Miss S Azam        - Assistant Head Teacher 6SA

Miss A Ali            - Teacher 6A

Ms M Farmer       - Teacher 6F

Mrs S Gul            - Teacher

Mrs S Akhter      -Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Ali            -Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Yunin        - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Cummings - Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Sports Coach


Mr K Hunkins     - Sports Coach


Office Staff


Mrs G Holloway  - Senior Office Manager 

Mrs S Kamal      - Community Project Coordinator

Mrs A Field       - Admin Assistant

Mrs S Waseem  - Clerical Assistant


Site & ICT Staff

Mr G Khan       - Site Manager

Mr R Ahmad    - ICT Operations Manager



Lunch Time Supervisors



Mrs R Begum

Mrs M Adalat

Mrs R Ali

Mrs J Bates

Mrs S Akhtar

Mrs S Parveen

Mrs A Akhtar

Mrs P Din

Mrs K Rashid

Mrs T Begum

Mrs T Akhtar

Mrs S Kousar