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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Welcome to Year 3:

In Year 3 we believe that every child matters and their learning journey should be filled with excitement, engagement and collaboration allowing them to reach their full potential. Children and staff work in unison to make sure each child can access the curriculum and make progress


Meet The Team:





Mr Beech                     Mrs Ahmed                   Mrs Akhtar

(AHT)                           (Teacher)                    (Teacher)





Mrs Hussein             Mrs Rani            Ms Dyer               Mrs Din

          (TA)                     (TA)                       (TA)                (TA)       



Curriculum Overview:


Autumn 1:

Heroes & Villains 

Autumn 2:


Spring 1:


Spring 2:

Tribal Tales 

Summer 1:

Traders & Raiders

Summer 2:

Urban Pioneers 



Events & Trips: 


Autumn 1- Parent Welcome Meeting

Autumn 2- Reading Parent Workshop/ Awful Auntie Theatre Trip

Spring 1 - Maths Workshop, Cadbury World Visit, Cornerstones Workshop

Spring 2 - World Book Day

Summer 1- Viking Workshop

Summer 2-Graffiti Artist Visit

RE Visit- Synagogue Visit