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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6:

The children have made a fantastic start to the year and are already showing us that they are ready for their year 6 experience at Marlborough Junior. Please see below for all the exciting and hands-on- experiences that we have participated in so far!




                                          Miss Azam (AHT)        Mrs Ali (6SA)           Mrs Farmer (6F)



                                           Mrs Gul (Teacher)     Mrs Cummings (TA)          Mrs Ali (TA) 


                                                            Mrs Akhtar (TA)       Mrs Yunin

Curriculum Overview:

You can find our Curriculum overviews for each half term below. 

Autumn 1:

A child’s war

Autumn 2:

Darwin’s Delight

Spring 1:

Frozen Kingdom

Spring 2:

Blood Heart


Summer 1:

Gallery Rebels


Summer 2:

Tomorrow’s World








Events & Trips:

6SA Remembrance Day 




On Friday 10th November 6SA held an assembly for Remembrance Day. They educated MJS as to the importance of Remembrance and how we as a community can work together and bring peace into the world. Their assembly included drama, poetry and a choir song called ‘Make me a channel of your peace’.

‘Through this assembly we wanted everyone to remember not only those who fought in the past wars but also those who are suffering today. We have a dream that one day the world will be a peaceful place – A dream for which we need to work together as one’ Ruqayya 6SA


Year 6 – Visit from the Animal Man!

As part of our topic ‘Darwin’s Delight’ we had the pleasure of having some animals in school. Year 6 enjoyed this fantastic hands-on opportunity to learn about different animals and their adaptations. Most pupils were brave enough to put a snake around their neck!

‘Although I was too scared to put the snake around my neck, I was really fascinated to have the opportunity to see one!’ Ruben (6SA)